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it's been one year since the first time i went out with jen. ;)

we've went thru a lot and our friendship is still strong. ;)


i still remember the first time we met.

we even sms in the car bcz don't dare to talk in front of my dad.

and we met the handsome, Jesse!

guess how we know each other? thru friendster! LOL.


i hope it'll never change.

i hope nothing will change this.

human need friends to live. <3


you know i'll always be there for you.

just text me.

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  • jennychew
  • awww... sweetie :) this is so sweet of you :)) of course i remember XD hahahahah but some part, short term memory lost. hahahahah
  • aiyohh. of course i'm sweet lah. xDD
    you always short term memory lost de lah. gik sei. xDD

    Le Moonx 於 2011/06/07 20:40 回覆