didn't start this few days with a happy moment.

it's either banging like crazy at my door or just a word like you're so useless, i'm so dissapointed in you.

i mean great, you just like to bring me down this way. whatever.

anyway, i wanna start this article sharing some quiz i took. ;)



What type of Insanity do you have?


If you went insane the type of behavior you would show is extrem anger. You would be the person getting mad at a wall for "Bumping you". Anger insanity is the most common. There are many ways to get anger insanity. Over all the main cause is having all of your hope taken away, and you acting in a revengeful way toward that. Anger insanity people are the ones most likely to murder someone. All around its being angry, hateful, mean, and dysfunctional.



Which music instrument are you?


I got bass guitar.

You are very much in control, but not many people know this about you. You don't overreact about anything, ever. Though you are not the loudest or the most outgoing of your friends, you are the base (haa get it, base rhymes with bass :P) that holds everything together, and it just wouldn't be the same without you!

我得到了低音吉他. 掌管,但没有多少人知道你这一点。  对任何事情反应过度,一次   .虽然你不是最响亮的朋友中最外向,但你是他们的基地,维持一切都在一起,而且,没有你当然不一样!

Rett was like seriously? i kinda like bass guitar long ago. LOL



One of the quiz result was: The things that suit you are madness and strangeness.

测验结果: 适合你的东西是疯狂和奇怪

but then if love is not madness, it is not love. ;)


How beautiful are you?


I got: you are more than beautiful. xDD the way act make you look more than beautiful.

到: 你的美丽比美丽更。 xDD 你的行为方式让你看起来比美丽更美.


What colour are you?


I got: purple


You are popular and loyal to your friends. You're always there for them.



What colour is your soul?


I got Red: The Conqueror's Soul


Tears can't move you, they are a pathetic sign of weakness. You are a natural born leader, and power is your ultimate goal. You are headstrong, and your natural aggression and straight forward demeanor helps you reach your goals. You need to be respected more than loved.... You have to be right, look smart, and have others approval. Whites will avoid you. Blue souls either annoy you, or become strong allies. Yellow souls will bring you attention. Other red souls may become your rivals.



What movie is the story of your life??


Avatar. Your dreams are bigger than the world you live in. You are not afraid to try new things and can view things from different perspectives. People admire your ability to be able to fit in with any and all crowds.



sweet ;)


hot modern pocahontas. xDD

Which disney princess are you?


I got: Pocahontas


You are patient and wise; You know when something could be harmful in the long run, and how to fix it so that it could work for your benefit. You think of others, though you are not just limited to humans. You are spiritually enlightened, and strive to enlighten others, so that all may live harmoniously. You tend to be a mediator, so that everyone can work out their differences peacefully and amicably. You abhor purposeful ignorance, and greed. Hopefully, this will help you more than it did your avatar.

有耐心和明智的,从长远来看, 你知道的东西可能是有害的,如何解决它,使它能替您的利益。你为别人,虽然你不仅仅限于人类。你在精神上是开明,努力启发别人,让所有人都可以和谐共处。你往往是一个调解员,让每个人都可以和平解决分歧和友好。你厌恶目的无知和贪婪。希望这将帮助你的具体化/神之化身/ 天神下凡

i like this. ;)

我喜欢这个. ;)


What colour rose are you?


I got: red


You're loving and beautiful. You're comfortable with yourself and the people around you. You like to party and go wild. You also fall in love easily.



What Taylor Swift song are you from her album?

从Taylor Swift的新专辑,你是哪首歌?

I was hoping i get the song " Enchanted " and i got it! ;) <3


You feel like your making the right choice with your love life. keep it up! and you both are ment to be together.


speaking of roses, rett gave me the first rose during camp years ago. <3 xDDD

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