the truth is.


You make me so happy like no one else can.

I've never felt this happy before.


Your text makes me smile all day.

you listen whenever i need a listener.

you give me consistency.

talking to you always made my day.

somehow when i have a rough day and feel like the world is against me, everything feels better after talking to you.

i feel freaking moody when we dont talk. but of course i dont tell you that ;P

you get my silly jokes.

you wanna include me in your outings with your friends.

you wanna include me in your life.

you get why i'm angry at certain situations and feels angry with me too. *anger management* LOL

somehow you just make me feel protected. ;')

you talk like we have a long future ahead. and i really hope we do.

your little gesture melts my heart.

volunteering to holding the umbrella when it rains, opening the car door for me, treating me like a princess.

you make me happy even when you pranked me and tease me.

because no one dares to do that.

my ex boyfriends are the kinds that just listen to whatever i say, they wouldn't dare to prank me.

you apologised after you finished laughing at me.

and i just can't stay mad at you.


i have so much words to say.

i can go on forever.

you're everything i want. seriously.

the way you think, the way you talk, the way you treat me.

no one else have ever treat me the way you do.

you make me wanna be a better person. ;)


you asked me, have you ever consider being my girlfriend?

since today is april fools day, I'm like you're not april fooling me are you?

and you said, I'm not. Answer me tomorrow if it makes you feel better. ;)


i really hope this will last.


will you stay?

i'm terrified of falling in love but i think i'm falling for you.


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